Roofing innovation: exploring the technological secrets of the four-layer structure of resin tiles

In recent years, resin tiles have rapidly emerged in the roofing tile industry and attracted market attention. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, its excellent performance has become a key factor in user choice. Today, let’s take a closer look at the unique features of the four-layer structure of resin tiles. Why is it so popular?


First of all, the first layer of the resin tile is made of ASA weather-resistant layer, which has excellent super weather resistance and can resist the damage of natural environments such as ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures, thereby extending the service life.

The second layer of impact-resistant layer is the second barrier of the resin tile, which can effectively withstand the impact of hail, storms and other extreme weather conditions and protect the tiles from damage.


Then there is the third layer of insulation, which plays a key role in hot weather, reducing the heat absorbed by the tiles, improving the insulation effect of the roof, and creating a more comfortable environment for the building.


The last layer is a wear-resistant layer, which ensures that the surface of the tile is smooth and wear-resistant, and can successfully withstand daily wind, rain, plant growth and other factors, making the tile more solid and durable.



Overall, with its leading technology and four-layer structure, resin tiles provide comprehensive roof protection, making them stand out in the market. By choosing resin tiles, you can not only enjoy a beautiful and unique appearance, but also have long-lasting, highly weather-resistant roof tiles, making them one of the first choices in modern architecture.

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