Resin tiles: the warm shelter of your dream home

When I was young, I always had dreams, longed to travel in big cities, and cherished the vastness of the world. You yearn to find a pure land to live in in the bustling city, but your dream house seems to be separated by the vast ocean of the city, and there seems to be no light left for you.

At this time, recalling the good times living in my hometown felt like a surge of warmth. No matter where we are, the house in our hometown will always be our confidence and support. “When you start a family, you must have a house” is deeply rooted in the Chinese people’s definition of happiness. The gray tiles, white walls, and blue bricks and stone terraces are not only a building, but also a burning memory of home.

In the process of pursuing your dream, choosing a good house with good tiles is a commitment to your home. It’s the ideal choice to add color to a new home or rejuvenate an old one.


With its excellent quality and 30-year warranty, resin tiles have become a trusted choice for roofs. It uses ASA material and uses advanced three-layer composite technology to ensure its super weather resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, color stability and other characteristics. One-time installation, 30-year warranty, and guaranteed after-sales service, making your home always full of warmth and peace of mind.


Synthetic resin tiles not only have excellent performance in quality, but also show diversity in color. Its 3.0mm thickness is lighter than traditional terracotta tiles, comes in a variety of colors, and is easy to transport and install. It not only saves costs, but also ensures efficient and safe construction.


In order to ensure that the color of the resin tiles remains as new for a long time, our resin tiles are made of ASA high weather-resistant resin material to ensure weather resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics. It truly lasts forever and keeps the color of your home roof new.


Resin tiles not only have superior performance, but are also in line with the current roof decoration trend. It solves the design and decoration problems of special-shaped structures that are difficult to achieve with traditional materials. It is matched with different colors to show the beauty of the building and realize the demand for “precision architecture”.

Travelers who are traveling abroad may not be able to return to their hometown often, but choosing a good tile is to protect the hometown they miss and the longing for their parents. This good tile understands the homesickness of wanderers and is a commitment to home, making every trip home a warm and reassuring reunion.

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