Which is the cheaper price for villa roof tiles, synthetic resin tiles, or glazed tiles

The majority of roof tiles are synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles, which are similar in appearance and belong to high-end atmospheric type and integrate with villa temperament. Since the appearance is similar, we should compare the price and performance of the two at that time. Which is cheaper for villa roof tiles, synthetic resin tiles or glazed tiles? Let’s make a rough budget:

About 33 glazed tiles are needed to overlap one square meter of glazed tiles. The market price of glazed tiles is 2-2.5 yuan per piece. We calculate it at 2 yuan, and it is about 66 yuan per square meter. The price per square meter will be roughly developed by using 1.5 yuan of wood, 6 yuan of linoleum paper, and 2 yuan of cement concrete mortar. The total price is about 75.5 yuan/m2. During the laying, each student can lay at most 15 m2 per day, and the labor cost is 200 yuan/day. If the area of 300 square meters is used for a Chinese worker’s work, it needs 20 days of installation to better complete.

The glazed tile has small area, many laps and high probability of water leakage. Glazed tiles may also break and be damaged during transportation and installation. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase more glazed tiles to prevent damage resulting in insufficient use. Glazed tiles will also burst and fall off during use, which is dangerous and troublesome to maintain.

According to the quality and thickness of synthetic resin ceramic tile, the price is between 30-50 yuan/square meter, with four waterproof screws of 4 yuan per square meter, and the total price is about 30-50 yuan/square meter. In addition, the price of ridge tiles, sloping ridge tiles and hanging eaves is lower than that of the main tile. We will base on the price of the main tile. When each person can lay at least 100 square meters per day, the labor cost is 200 yuan per day, to 300 square meters, a worker can only install in 3 days.

The synthetic resin tile can be cut arbitrarily according to the required size during installation. A tile plate can cover several square meters. The laying and installation is quite simple and fast, saving time and labor. The resin tile is fixed with self-tapping screws, which is safe and firm without falling off. Guaranteed for 25 years, maintenance-free.

In addition, synthetic resin tile is also the product of developing green ecological and environmental protection enterprises. It has advantages of different thermal insulation, wind and shock resistance, fire insulation, sound insulation and other advantages, and is an ideal decorative building material for the design of roofs of permanent engineering buildings such as villas and residential buildings.



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