Why should resin tiles be used for the transformation of new countryside?

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, “slope stabilization” projects and new rural construction have been vigorously promoted. Therefore, some new roofing materials, such as “resin tiles”, have been developed. This new type of tile has the advantages of light weight, easy installation, long color, long life, heat preservation, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, etc. The comprehensive cost price is also much lower than that of traditional tiles, which is currently the most ideal material for slope stabilization projects and new rural construction in China. Why do you choose resin tiles among many tiles? Let’s take a look at the synthetic resin tile made of ASA high weather resistance engineering resin and double-layer co-extrusion technology. The bottom layer is made of high-quality PVC wear-resistant resin. Adopting advanced double-layer co-extrusion technology, it is pressed at high temperature, which greatly improves its service life. At present, most rural buildings are considered to have good thermal insulation performance. In summer, if the tiles are not insulated, the house will be like a closed tank, very stuffy, so the insulation of tiles is very important, and then is the service life. Generally speaking, rural residents care about practicality and cost-effectiveness. Now most of them are old people and children in the countryside, it is difficult and dangerous for them to decorate the house and repair the tiles, so you should think twice when you buy something.



Resin tiles are light in quality, only one tenth of the weight of traditional tiles. It is corrosion-resistant, non-micro-leakage, fire-resistant, frost-resistant, moisture-proof, sound-proof, rain-proof (no need to worry about rainwater), hail-proof, shock-proof, heat-insulating, durable, non-fading, and keeps the roof beautiful. The service life of high-quality synthetic resin tiles can reach more than 30 years, far higher than that of traditional tiles. It is not like the old tiles before. If it can’t stand strong wind and heavy rain, it is easy to be blown away, resulting in tiles falling off. After being attacked by storm, it is necessary to pick up tiles on the roof.



After reading this article, I believe you have some ideas about why resin tiles should be used as roofing materials for rural house construction. When buying resin tiles, remind your family to pay attention to the quality and not to be greedy for the price. Here, we recommend a professional resin tile manufacturer “Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry”, which has high reputation and quality assurance, resin tile search Xingfa Tile Industry.