Resin tile color collection!

Netizen questions: How many colors are there for resin tiles? Here is a complete picture of resin tile colors. 



The response from Xingfa Synthetic Resin Tile Factory: Xingfa Synthetic Resin Tile has a wide range of colors, which can be customized. The colors include gray-green, light blue, blue-purple, rust red, ink green, gold, burgundy, dark gray, new brick red, coffee color, orange red, and black. It can be flexibly matched with various types of buildings and is widely used in single-family villas, private houses, holiday resorts, leisure and vacation villages, garden landscape pavilions and towers, and flat-to-slope engineering projects. Customized colors can also be made. Just show the color sample and Xingfa Resin Tile manufacturers can match it. Some factories have made milk white, light yellow, and emerald green. The roof made of resin tiles is beautiful and elegant. I have found many pictures of resin tiles for everyone to share.