What kind of glue is used for resin tile leakage

What kind of glue should be used to patch the resin tile for leakage? If the roof of the resin tile was not originally waterproofed, it is very easy to cause leakage over time. When leaking, the leaking part can be scraped off 2-3 cm deep, cleaned, and then asphalt can be poured. Now there are also finished asphalt films on the market. When the weather is clear, it will be basically leak-proof.



For roof leakage, first find the leaking place, and find the leakage from the high place of the roof to the low place. First, you can see if there are cracks in the resin tile on the roof, if the original waterproof layer is aging, and if the original waterproof roll has bubbles, which means that water has entered the bottom of the waterproof layer, which means leakage.



If there is a waterproof layer, it will be more troublesome. First, the waterproof around the range needs to be scraped off, and then the waterproof work needs to be done again. Attention should be paid to the transition of the original waterproof layer, which needs to be reinforced. In fact, there are many ways to deal with the leakage of resin tiles. You can also find some more professional leakage companies or people to solve these problems.