Inferior resin tiles discolored and deformed less than a year and a half after installation

Recently, the government has advocated changing the face of the countryside. The old houses along the road have all been replaced with synthetic resin tiles. The government subsidized half and the other half was paid by themselves. As a result, after the synthetic resin tiles were installed, they regretted it in less than a year and a half, as the tiles changed color and shape. I know I wouldn’t be greedy for cheap, so I spent a little more money to buy the synthetic resin tiles I chose.



In recent years, with the gradual development of the building materials market, synthetic resin tiles are a product that is widely welcomed and quickly rising. This also makes it engaged in the production and sales of synthetic resin tiles. There are more and more manufacturers, and there are many unscrupulous merchants who cut corners for profit, recycle secondary materials, and produce inferior synthetic resin tiles. Therefore, the synthetic resin tile market is uneven, and consumers are difficult to distinguish the authenticity of synthetic resin tiles when purchasing.



When I was watching the news, I saw a road full of new rural construction, which looked brand new. But you can zoom in on the photo. There was a hole in the slope tile next to the road, using 2.0 mm thick synthetic resin tile. I immediately understood that this was a cheap, low-cost, low-quality synthetic resin tile used in the tofu residue industry.


In order to save money, the black package boss found a synthetic resin tile factory to produce inferior synthetic resin tiles. The engineering company found some unprofessional workers to do simple installation. Due to the cost savings of steel structural materials, the phenomenon of inferior synthetic resin tiles appeared in a few months.



Poor quality products will regret for life. Synthetic resin tile manufacturers say that no one will be stupid enough to offer a high price to keep customers away. The chaotic market price has become a pathological phenomenon, that is, to make up for the inferior. Short-term price, long-term quality. If you care about quality, please respect its price, this is the market rule.