What is the significance of the fire resistance of synthetic resin tiles

Synthetic resin tiles have a wide range of uses and can be seen in residential, villa, vacation areas, etc. Some public places such as hospitals, hotels, stations, etc. also like to choose synthetic resin tiles as roofing materials. In addition to the advantages of retro appearance, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, heat insulation, noise reduction, wind resistance and shock resistance, synthetic resin tiles also have a more prominent advantage, that is, strong fire resistance. What does the fire resistance of synthetic resin tiles mean? Here, Xingfa Tile Industry, a synthetic resin tile manufacturer, will tell you:



1. In terms of combustion, the combustion performance of building materials includes habitability, flame propagation, combustion rate and calorific value. Xingfa synthetic resin tiles are non-flammable (oxygen index less than 20); self-extinguishing from fire, fire rating up to B1 level.


2. In terms of mechanics, the expansion coefficient of synthetic resin tiles is small and the volume is stable. At the same time, the tile has bi-directional tensile properties in geometry, so that even if the ambient temperature changes greatly, the shrinkage of the resin tile can be digested by itself, thus ensuring the stability of geometry size.


3. In terms of smoke and toxicity, most materials will produce a lot of smoke when burning, which not only poses a threat to human body, but also seriously hinders the evacuation action and fire fighting work. At the same time, some materials will produce certain toxic gases when burning or hydrolysis. In many fires, a large number of victims did not die of burning, but of suffocation or poisoning by smoke. The resin in Xingfa synthetic resin tiles is a non-flammable product, which will not drip or melt in a fire, will not act as an auxiliary fuel, will not aggravate or accelerate the combustion of other materials, and will form a smoke exhaust belt in a fire, thus effectively reducing the phenomenon of poisoning of personnel in disasters.



Xingfa synthetic resin roof tiles have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and the products have passed the fire test, ROHS test sample (EU) six kinds of hazardous elements test) and PAHs test sample (Germany) (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons hazardous test), which ensures the stability and reliability of product quality and confirms that the synthetic resin roof tiles have strong fire resistance, non-toxic and harmless, and are healthy and environmentally friendly building materials.