What are the two outstanding advantages of synthetic resin tiles?

Now many people have a certain understanding of synthetic resin tiles. They are retro and atmospheric, and can also keep warm, resist heavy snow, shelter from wind and rain, and other natural disasters, so synthetic resin tiles are widely used in various fields. Does anyone know what the two outstanding functions of synthetic resin tiles are?



1. Shelter from wind and rain. 

Synthetic resin tiles have outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-aging performance. They can be exposed to natural environment for a long time without cracking, becoming brittle, or leaking. They can be used for 30 years without needing to be maintained when using.



2. Decorative and beautifying functions. 

Synthetic resin tiles have beautiful shapes, various colors, and lasting colors. The surface ASA color is stable, and the color change △E≤5 within ten years (it may be different in different areas). However, if your synthetic resin tiles are of poor quality, the product will fade, crack, and leak in one or two years, then the two outstanding functions of synthetic resin tiles will be lost.