Installation points and advantages of synthetic resin tiles

Synthetic resin tiles have excellent weather resistance, practicality and decorative properties. It combines the advantages of various tiles and is the “king” of roof tiles, widely used. However, no matter how good the tiles are, they must be installed in accordance with the standard to show their advantages. Next, the editor of Xingfa Resin Tile Factory will introduce the installation points and advantages of synthetic resin tiles:



First, the spacing of the purlin should be determined, not too wide, so as not to cause collapse, and arranged from bottom to top. Pay attention to check whether the bottom of the tile is perpendicular to the construction line. If it is a double-slope roof, two slopes need to be installed synchronously, so that the waveform of the right ridge tile can be matched when installing.



Second, when installing the main tile, it should be installed in the opposite direction of the local social wind. A wave peak of 80mm in the main size should be connected horizontally between two tiles, and a tile joint should be connected vertically. The self-tapping screws must be used to fix the parts directly contacted with the purlin. When installing without the main ridge tile, the first ridge tile should be cut off and then installed, so as to avoid overlapping with the main tile as much as possible, so as to reduce the construction gap of the system installation. The joints of the main and inclined ridge tiles should be sawed and processed flat for the installation and use of the three-way tiles.



With the good resin tile materials and the standard installation requirements, the roof of Chinese resin tiles can achieve a perfect teaching effect of decoration and waterproofing, so that the advantages of resin tiles can be fully reflected. The quality of materials and the installation method are both indispensable.