The reason for the abnormal noise of resin tiles revealed: Is the creaking sound a sign of poor quality?

Resin tiles have become a trend in today’s roof decoration. From individual home renovations to large-scale projects such as schools, factories, and warehouses, resin tiles are increasingly appearing around us, enhancing the scenery of both rural and urban areas. The advantages of resin tiles have led more and more consumers to choose this environmentally friendly new material. However, some people say that resin tile roofs may look good but are not practical. At night, the roof may emit a harsh creaking sound. What is the reason behind this?

Resin tiles are a type of plastic material with thermal expansion and contraction characteristics. In situations with significant day and night temperature differences, resin tiles may expand or contract due to temperature changes, causing friction and noise between the tiles. Although this is a common phenomenon with plastic building materials, resin tiles have a relatively small thermal expansion and contraction rate compared to other materials and exhibit good volume stability, so this noise can be considered a normal occurrence.

Furthermore, errors in the construction process can also lead to noise. Factors such as the tightness of screws, the placement of waterproof base plates, the selection of screw specifications, and the spacing between purlins can all affect the roof structure and potentially cause noise.


Interestingly, the creaking sound is actually a sign of the high quality of resin tiles. Compared to resin tiles made from waste materials and unauthorized additives, high-quality resin tiles have strong ductility, which can result in the creaking sound during use.

In conclusion, if your resin tiles are making a creaking sound, there is usually no need to worry as this is typically a normal phenomenon. If the noise is excessive or persists for a long time, you can consult with professional construction personnel or relevant manufacturers to ensure the correct installation and use, and seek appropriate solutions.

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