The preferred roofing tiles for self-built houses in rural areas: practicality is paramount, making this popular roofing tile the best choice!

With the rapid development of our country’s economy and the increase in rural income levels, more and more people working outside are choosing to bring the money they earn back to their hometowns to build houses. Compared to the high housing prices in cities, the cost of building houses in rural areas is relatively low. This not only allows for the construction of a personal paradise in the countryside but also enables individuals to create the style and appearance of their houses according to their preferences and dreams.

The most important part of self-built houses in rural areas is undoubtedly the foundation, but the appearance of the house is also crucial. When choosing roof tiles, people hope to maintain aesthetics while saving costs, making synthetic resin tiles the preferred choice. Synthetic resin tiles not only have an exquisite appearance but also cost only half as much as traditional ceramic tiles, significantly reducing procurement and construction costs.

Synthetic resin tiles have excellent durability and can be used for up to 30 years without the need for renovation or maintenance. Compared to traditional tiles used in the past, synthetic resin tiles are more reliable during use. Traditional tiles are prone to erosion by wind and rain, and after a strong wind or heavy rain, the roof may experience issues such as falling off and leaking, making it very fragile. This necessitates roof repairs, which are not only troublesome and costly but also pose risks.


Synthetic resin tiles, on the other hand, avoid these problems. They have excellent self-cleaning properties, with the surface not easily attracting dust and dirt. After heavy rain washes, synthetic resin tiles will return to a clean and new state without any mottling. Therefore, using synthetic resin tiles can avoid frequent maintenance and renovation work, providing a safer, more convenient, and cost-effective roofing solution.

Synthetic resin tiles are not only suitable for self-built houses and villas in rural areas but are also a new environmentally friendly roofing material promoted vigorously by the country. They are widely used in flat-to-sloping projects, new rural construction, residential communities, agricultural markets, and more.

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