Synthetic resin tiles vs. glazed tiles: Which one is better for your roof?

With the advancement of modernization construction, housing construction in new rural areas has become increasingly diversified. In the choice of roof materials, Synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles have attracted much attention. So, is resin tile better, or glazed tile is more trustworthy? Let’s analyze it together.

Durability and service life

Synthetic Resin tiles are usually made of synthetic resin and have good weather resistance and durability. Its service life can generally reach more than 20 years, which means long-term roof protection and stable living environment for new rural housing construction. Although glazed tiles also have a certain degree of durability, they require more frequent maintenance and upkeep, and their lifespan is also affected by more factors.


In terms of daily maintenance, synthetic resin tiles are relatively simple. Synthetic resin tiles have self-cleaning ability. A gentle brush with rainwater will make them as clean as new. Glazed tiles require more maintenance work, such as cleaning up water, debris, etc., to ensure their long-term use. This means less maintenance costs and more convenient life for new rural residents.


Appearance and aesthetics

In terms of appearance, resin tiles have greater flexibility. Its colors and textures can be customized to suit personal preferences and design needs, and they remain colorfast over time, adding a modern and beautiful look to your roof. Glazed tiles are more suitable for buildings that pursue classical beauty and traditional style, but their color and luster may change over time.

In summary, synthetic resin tiles have certain advantages in durability, maintenance convenience and appearance, and are more suitable for housing construction in new rural areas. Although glazed tiles are also an excellent roofing material, they require more care and maintenance, and their appearance style is relatively limited. Therefore, when choosing a roofing material, resin tiles may be a wiser choice considering long-term use and maintenance costs.

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