Reveal the secrets of purchasing synthetic resin tiles and avoid being troubled by inferior products!

Synthetic resin tiles have gained popularity due to their lightweight, easy installation, beautiful appearance and high durability. However, there are many products on the market, and how to identify them has become a concern for many consumers. Today, we will share a few key tips for purchasing synthetic resin tiles to help you easily identify the pros and cons and make your investment worthwhile.

First of all, understand the “weight secret” of resin tiles. Authentic synthetic resin tiles are mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with a density of about 1.4. Its purity can be preliminarily judged by a simple weighing-to-volume method. If the weight is abnormally large, it may be that too much filler such as calcium carbonate has been added. Such products have a short lifespan and are easily brittle, and are only suitable for building temporary facilities. Using a professional muffle furnace for ash detection can more accurately reveal its true composition.

Secondly, practice the “dazzling eyes”. Try lighting a corner of the resin tile. A high-quality product should have no obvious ash after burning, leaving only the unique smell of plastic. If a large amount of ash is produced, it may be mixed with a large amount of heavy filler, which will affect the performance and durability of the tile.


Furthermore, the hands, ears, and ears can tell the difference between good and bad. Knock the resin tile with your own hands, and you will find that the high-quality product has a clear and pleasant sound, appropriate hardness, and is not easy to break; the surface feels smooth and delicate, without cracks, bubbles and other defects.


Finally, look at the color to identify the quality. When looking at the appearance of synthetic resin tiles, it is required that the color is uniform, smooth and bright, without cracks, color differences and other problems, and the overall visual effect is harmonious and unified.

All in all, when purchasing synthetic resin tiles, be sure to comprehensively examine them from multiple dimensions such as material, specific gravity, combustion reaction, tapping texture and appearance details. At the same time, you should also pay attention to brand reputation and after-sales service, and choose manufacturers or suppliers that are recognized by the industry and have a good reputation to ensure that the purchased resin tiles are both cost-effective and enjoy after-sales guarantee, making your roof project more worry-free.

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