Learn to correctly inspect the installation of synthetic resin tile to avoid worries!

Hello everyone, I have recently received a lot of inquiries about the installation and acceptance of synthetic resin tile. Today I will share with you the correct acceptance method, hoping to help you avoid some unnecessary troubles.

First: We need to check whether there is color difference on the surface of the synthetic resin tile, especially whether there is an obvious difference under the light. At the same time, we should carefully observe whether there are cracks or cracks on the mesh surface, and also check whether the main ridge tile and waterproof cap are deformed. Phenomenon, these are the areas that need to be paid attention to during the installation process.


Second: We need to check whether the tile surface is shaking, which may mean that the waterproof construction between the steel structure and the tile surface wall connection is not in place, and there is a safety hazard. Therefore, it is important to ensure the stability of the connection to ensure the safety of the roof.


Third: Let professionals measure the horizontal, vertical and slope. The error is within 3 centimeters. This can ensure the overall balance and beauty of the roof.

In general, correct acceptance methods can help us find problems in time and avoid future maintenance and troubles. I hope everyone can learn these skills, protect their homes, and enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment!