An effective method to deal with the problem of leakage of synthetic resin tiles

Roof leaks caused by purchasing low-quality synthetic resin tiles are a common but troublesome problem. When faced with a water leak, we need to take quick steps to resolve the problem to avoid further losses.

Here are some effective ways to deal with the problem of leaking synthetic resin tiles:


Remove the leaking area, clean and repair it: First, find the specific location of the leak, remove the leaking area 2-3 cm deep, and after cleaning it thoroughly, you can use asphalt to repair it. There are also finished asphalt coatings on the market, which can be easily repaired. When the weather is fine, the water leakage problem can basically be solved.

Check whether there are cracks in the synthetic resin tiles: Check whether there are cracks in the synthetic resin tiles on the roof. Cracks may be one of the causes of water leakage. Repair or replace cracked tiles promptly to ensure the integrity of your roofing.


Check the condition of the original waterproof layer: Check whether the original waterproof layer is aged or has bubbles, which may indicate that water has entered the bottom of the waterproof layer, causing leakage problems. If problems with the waterproof layer are found, waterproofing work needs to be done again in a timely manner, paying special attention to strengthening the original waterproofing junction.


Seek professional help: If you find that dealing with a water leak is complicated or you are not sure how to deal with it, you can seek help from a professional leak prevention company or person. They have rich experience and professional knowledge and can effectively solve the problem of synthetic resin tile leakage and provide long-lasting protection for the roof.

When facing the problem of synthetic resin tile leakage, it is crucial to take timely and effective measures. Through the application of the above methods, we can effectively deal with water leakage problems and ensure the quality and safety of the roof.

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