How many levels of wind can the resin tile roof resist?

In recent years, synthetic resin tiles have gradually appeared in our lives, and glazed tiles and asbestos tiles have gradually been replaced by resin tiles. The colors of resin tiles are various. Resin tiles can be seen in buildings, factories, and other places.



Back to the topic, how much wind can a resin tile roof prevent? This mainly depends on the installation method of resin tile. Resin tile is windproof. In addition to being windproof, resin tile also has insulation, good load resistance, environmental protection, fire prevention, good sound insulation effect, impact resistance, waterproof, thermal insulation, low-temperature resistance, etc. The surface material of Xingfa resin tile is ASA. With the underlying raw material PVC, Xingfa resin tile has strong toughness and will not be damaged by vehicle pressure. After being rolled by trolleys and large trucks, the surface does not burst.