How long can resin tiles last

I have been working in the resin tile factory for a long time. The Xingfa resin tile editor will teach you how to distinguish the quality of resin tiles from different manufacturers and how long they can be used! Resin tiles have been around since 2011 and even in 2021 and the future. If they can’t be used for a long time, they should have been eliminated from the market long ago! Of course, this also depends on the continuous research and development and upgrading of resin tile manufacturers.



Resin tiles have a much longer life than other tiles, and they don’t need to be renovated every two or three years like traditional tiles. If traditional tiles are used for a long time, there is a great safety hazard. If they fall off and hit a child or some flowers and plants, it is not right.



Good resin tiles can be used for more than 30 years. The thicker the thickness, the longer the service life, but if the production material ratio is wrong and recycled materials are used, these inferior resin tiles will fade in five years and have problems in ten years. Therefore, when buying low-priced resin tiles, we should be cautious. They all promise 25 years of warranty orally, but they do not meet the industry standards of resin tiles. Where can they provide written promises?