How do we choose high-quality synthetic resin tiles?

There are more and more manufacturers producing synthetic resin tiles on the market in 2020, and some of them want to take advantage of the situation by offering ultra-low prices to attract inexperienced customers and sell products of different qualities. So, how can we choose high-quality synthetic resin tiles? 1. Visual inspection: observe the surface of the resin tile. High-quality synthetic resin tiles have smooth surfaces, clear lines, and neat cutouts. The bottom color of synthetic resin tiles is uniform because there are no impurities. 2. Listen to the sound: gently tap the surface of the resin tile. The sound of high-quality synthetic resin tiles is relatively dull and thick due to the appropriate raw material composition and the foam insulation layer in the middle. Due to the excessive addition of calcium powder, the surface of inferior synthetic resin tiles is easy to break, and the sound is mostly crisp and loud. 3. Hand twist: bend the resin tile with both hands. High-quality synthetic resin tiles can bear more than 200 jin, and ordinary people can hardly break it. Poor quality resin tiles can even be broken by hand.