Get to know resin tiles: What are the types of synthetic resin tiles?

Now, with more and more people widely using synthetic resin tiles, their three-dimensional beauty, durability, eco-friendliness, and strong corrosion resistance have deeply resonated with people. However, there are also many people who do not understand that synthetic resin tiles come in various types. In fact, there are many types of synthetic resin tiles available. Today, let me introduce to you the different types of synthetic resin tiles.

European Roman Tile

A common type of synthetic resin tile, also known as European tile or Roman tile. Its shape is very similar to traditional tiles, with a curved surface and long strip-like edges, presenting a classic European architectural style. European Roman tiles are usually made of synthetic resin, with good weather resistance and waterproof properties on the surface. Due to its exquisite appearance, it is often used for roofing or wall decoration in high-end buildings such as villas, courtyards, and clubs.

Light-transmitting Glass Tile 1050 Type

This type of synthetic resin tile is characterized by a transparent glass layer that allows light transmission. With a width of 1050mm, attention needs to be paid to its effective width during installation.


Large Round Wave Tile

This type of synthetic resin tile features large waves that enhance its strength. It has good drainage and waterproofing effects, adopting a wave design similar to glass tiles, which is aesthetically pleasing and has a certain ornamental value. It is suitable for roofs of large buildings and heavy equipment.


Small Blue Tile

In the northern regions, small blue tiles are also known as Yin and Yang tiles, while in the southern regions, they are called butterfly tiles or Yin and Yang tiles, commonly known as combined tiles, which are a type of curved tile.


Antique ASA Integrated Tile

The integrated antique tile, also known as antique tile or retro tile, is also called an integrated antique eaves resin tile. It has a classic aesthetic appearance and is durable, suitable for self-built houses and villas.

In conclusion, each type of synthetic resin tile has its specific shape and characteristics, and different models and specifications can be chosen based on specific purposes and needs. Therefore, understanding the different types and specifications of synthetic resin tiles is crucial as it helps in selecting the most suitable product.

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