Detailed Explanation of Synthetic Resin Tile Specifications to Solve Purchasing Difficulties

The standard widths of synthetic resin tiles include: 880mm, 1050mm, 1040mm, 920mm, 840mm, 1080mm, etc. When overlapping, the first wave of two synthetic resin tiles needs to be connected. Therefore, the effective width after overlapping for 880mm synthetic resin tiles becomes 800mm, and for 1050mm synthetic resin tiles, it becomes 960mm.

The thickness of synthetic resin tiles ranges from 2.0mm to 3.5mm, and the thickness can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs.

During installation, the spacing between purlins for 1050mm tiles should be kept within 750mm, and for 880mm tiles, it should be within 660mm. If the spacing is too large, it may lead to roof collapse in high temperatures. Thinner tiles require reducing the spacing between purlins during construction.


The length of synthetic resin tiles is customized based on multiples of the standard pitch, which is typically 219mm. Therefore, each tile has a relatively large area, making transportation and installation convenient. The tiles can be cut according to the roof size, but consideration should also be given to the length of the transport vehicle, ensuring the tiles do not exceed the length of the vehicle.

If unsure about the specifications of synthetic resin tiles, it is recommended to consult a professional resin tile manufacturer. Provide information on roof size and area to help the manufacturer calculate the actual quantity needed. This can prevent the purchase of excess or insufficient tiles and facilitate better planning and arrangement for the installation and use of roof tiles.

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