Will synthetic resin tiles emit toxic gases? Is it harmful to human body?

The surface of synthetic resin tile looks like plastic material, and the color is bright. Some customers will ask: what kind of chemical coating is applied on the surface of resin tile, will it volatilize toxic gases and endanger human health? The surface layer of genuine synthetic resin tile is made of imported ultra-weatherproof engineering resin ASA and high-quality PVC new particles. It does not contain toxic chemicals and will not volatilize toxic gases. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reduce the production cost of the company, add other fillers in the materials, and mix various organic compounds to produce resin tiles, which may contain toxic and harmful substances. Tests have shown that Xingfa genuine synthetic resin tiles will not emit odors or toxic gases when exposed to sunlight or burning. It is a new green and environmental friendly building material recognized by the state; inferior resin tiles will emit odors of different degrees when burning or exposed to sunlight, which is harmful to human health. Modern people attach great importance to health, and choose green and ecological environmental protection label when purchasing building materials. Synthetic resin tile is also a green and economic environmental protection building material, but we should avoid buying inferior resin tile products. Therefore, it is suggested that we can analyze and purchase through regular channels. The resin tile products of some large state-owned enterprises are certified by ISO: 9001 international environmental quality management system, which ensures the stability and reliability of product quality. We can also ask the manufacturer to provide relevant test reports.