Which tile looks better when renovating the roof of old tile-roofed houses in rural areas

In the countryside, there are many old tile houses. Through the renovation of old houses, the roof can be renewed with resin tiles, which can also have a new and valuable value. Some people will ask, with so many kinds of tiles, which tile is better looking for the renovation of the old tile house in the countryside?



As of 2021, most people will choose resin tiles for the renovation of old tile houses in the countryside. Before, many people used color steel tiles, but color steel tiles are prone to rust and need to be repaired and renovated on the roof frequently, which is troublesome and dangerous. Now many places that used to have color steel tiles on the roof have been re-covered with resin tiles.


There are so many types of roof tiles, but people still choose resin tiles for a reason. First, resin tiles are good-looking. Second, they are more practical than color steel tiles. Resin tiles have various colors and are durable. When renovating old houses, more color options can be chosen with resin tiles. In addition, resin tiles have good performance and long service life, so no maintenance is needed. Many rural friends will choose resin tiles.



Resin tiles are easy to install and can be laid quickly. Many rural friends with strong hands-on ability can install them, so the installation fee can be saved.