Which one is better, synthetic resin tile or color steel tile?

Features of color steel tile:

  1. Color steel tile is not heat-insulated in summer, because color steel tile has no insulation layer, and the outdoor temperature is transmitted very quickly. In summer, the indoor temperature rises with the climate, and in winter, the indoor temperature drops with the climate.
  2. Condensation phenomenon of color steel tile. In winter, the indoor air temperature will be higher than the outdoor air temperature, and small water droplets will appear on the surface of color steel tile, which is called condensation phenomenon. Small water droplets can easily cause color steel tile to rust and reduce its service life. When encountering such weather, it is recommended that users should close doors and windows and take sealing measures to reduce condensation.


Features of resin tile:

  1. Synthetic resin tile is a processing and production process combined with high-tech co-extrusion technology. The performance of synthetic resin tile products is more stable.
  2. Synthetic resin tile is environmentally friendly and green, and the material can be recycled and reused.
  3. The quality of Xingfa resin tile has passed the product inspection of various institutions, and it is qualified and assured. It can provide various certificates. The product has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
  4. Synthetic resin tiles are waterproof and beautiful, light in weight, low roof load, good strength, multiple colors, and beautiful.
  5. Resin tiles can be customized. Xingfasynthetic resin tile manufacture can produce customized complex shapes of structural construction to meet design requirements.

In summary, synthetic resin tiles and color steel tiles have their own advantages, but in terms of long-term use, we recommend synthetic resin tiles as more advantageous. If it is for short-term use, we recommend the use of color steel tiles. When purchasing, you can make a reasonable choice according to the actual situation.

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