Which is more durable, PVC roof tiles or ASA/PVC roof tiles?

Everyone is familiar with PVC Roof tiles and ASA/PVC roof tiles, which are often seen when building roofs. So which one is more durable, PVC Roof tiles or ASA/PVC roof tiles?



  1. In the same environment, ASA/PVC roof tiles are more durable and the ASA surface layer of ASA/PVC roof tiles is weather-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material, suitable for any environment, so it is more durable and durable. ASA/PVC roof tiles have good weather resistance, anti-aging, and good heat insulation effect.



  2. When decorating the roof, Xingfa Tile Industry suggests that everyone choose ASA/PVC roof tiles, such as villa roofs. Using ASA/PVC roof tiles can make the house look more luxurious and generous, with a hint of traditional Chinese characteristics, and a long service life. Xingfa ASA/PVC roof tiles are directly guaranteed for 30 years.