Which is more durable, cement tile or resin tile?

Which is better, cement tile or resin tile? Xingfa Resin Tile Factory can only say that each has its own advantages. Let’s compare cement tile and resin tile to see which one people think is better.



1. Cement Tile

Cement tile can also be colored, also known as colored cement tile, color tile, cement color tile, etc. Cement tile is made of cement, sand and other raw materials, reasonably proportioned, and then pressed by a mold. It is a new type of decorative building material that has appeared in rural houses in recent years.



Features of cement tile:

1. Cement tile has high density and strength, so it has good rainproof and frost resistance, affordable price, long service life, large single tile area, so cement tile is lighter than traditional tile, so the tile efficiency will be higher.

2. There are two production processes for cement tile, one is roll pressing tile, the other is mold pressing tile, with three kinds of appearance, S-shaped tile, wave tile and flat tile, which can meet the requirements of different villas in the countryside.

3. Cement tile has rich colors, almost as desired, can be customized according to customers.

4. Cement tile is mainly used for multi-layer buildings, from ordinary rural houses to villa buildings.


2. Resin Tile

Resin tile is mainly made of ASA engineering resin and PVC wear-resistant resin, extruded by new technology. Most of the market today is synthetic resin tile, and the most used in rural building is also synthetic resin tile. Xingfa Resin Tile Factory reminds: because the threshold of resin tile is low, some cold-hearted manufacturers use recycled materials to produce inferior resin tile, resulting in discoloration, aging, etc. Therefore, when we buy resin tile, we must learn to choose.



Features of resin tile:

1. Resin tile has stable color and rich color, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance, insulation, convenient installation, etc. The effective width of synthetic resin tile is 880 mm and 960 mm, and the installation efficiency of resin tile is high.

2. Synthetic resin tile does not contain asbestos, does not contain radioactive elements, and can be recycled, which meets the requirements of green environmental protection.

3. There is an experiment to drop a 1 kg steel ball from a 3 meter high resin tile surface, which will not produce cracks, and the impact resistance of resin tile is good, so we can use it more safely.

4. The thermal insulation of synthetic resin tile is better than that of cement tile in terms of thermal insulation.