Which is better, steel tile or synthetic resin tile

“Customer question: Which is better, synthetic resin tile or color steel tile? 

Xingfa Tile Industry’s answer: 



1. Color steel tile does not insulate in summer because it does not have an insulation layer, so the indoor temperature rises with the climate in summer and decreases with the climate in winter. 


2. Color steel tile has condensation phenomenon. In winter, the indoor air temperature is higher than the outdoor air temperature, and small water droplets will appear on the surface of the color steel tile, which is called condensation phenomenon. These small water droplets can easily cause rust on the color steel tile and reduce its service life. When encountering such weather, it is recommended that users close the doors and windows and take measures to seal off to reduce condensation phenomenon.”



1. Synthetic resin tile is a processing and production technology combining high-tech extrusion technology, and the performance of synthetic resin tile products is more stable.


2. Synthetic resin tile is environmentally friendly and green, and the material can be recycled and reused.


3. The quality of Xingfa synthetic resin tile is even more assured through product testing by various institutions, and various certificates can be provided, with good weather resistance and corrosion resistance.