Which is better, resin tile or aluminum tile?

With the advancement of technology, there are more and more roof tiles on the building materials market, which has also become more complex. Which roof tile is more durable, resin tile or aluminum tile? This makes many customers headache when choosing roof tiles. Don’t worry, here the editor of Xingfa Tile Industry will tell you which one is more durable:



Which one is more durable, resin tile or aluminum tile? (Summary)


Advantages of resin tile: Light weight, easy to install, now the labor cost is high, so it can save installation cost, good sound insulation effect, service life up to 30 years or more, strong bearing capacity, impact resistance, good waterproof effect, price is similar to glazed tile.



Disadvantages of resin tile: Low threshold, most of the small holidays use recycled materials, this kind of recycled resin tile is easy to fade and age.


Advantages of aluminum tile: Light weight, less transportation work, fast installation, can reduce installation work, shorten construction period, high strength, waterproof and shockproof, service life more than 15 years, aluminum tile can be recycled, and the value is relatively high.



Disadvantages of aluminum tile: High cost.


Which one is more durable, resin tile or aluminum tile, each has its own advantages, depending on the needs, suitable is the best! Aluminum tile and resin tile are both suitable for industrial and civil buildings. Compared comprehensively, resin tile is lighter, so the bearing pressure of the house beam will be reduced a lot when building a house. The service life has been greatly increased, and the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance is more outstanding, so in comparison, the performance of all aspects is slightly better.