Which has a longer service life, resin tile or glazed tile?

There are many kinds of roof tiles on the market, such as the most commonly used resin tiles and glazed tiles, which one is better? This has become a problem that many people are trying to solve. Now, Xingfa Tile Industry will make a comprehensive comparison and analysis for you.



First, the price comparison between synthetic resin tiles and glass tiles:

Glazed tiles: As we all know, glazed tiles are small pieces that are spliced and pasted together. About 33 pieces of glazed tiles are needed per square meter. The market price of glazed tiles is 2-2.5 yuan per piece. We calculate at 2 yuan, which is about 66 yuan per square meter. When laying, each person can lay up to 15 square meters per day. If one worker needs to install 300 square meters in 20 days, it can be completed. Glazed tiles have small single area, more joints, and high probability of leakage.



In addition, the prices of matching positive tiles, western tiles and eaves are cheaper than the main tiles, so we will calculate according to the price of the main tiles. When laying, each person can lay at least 100 square meters per day, and the labor cost is 200 yuan/day. Calculated by 300 square meters of area, one worker needs 3 days to complete the installation.


It can be cut according to the size required. The installation is simple and fast, saving time and labor costs. If you don’t believe it, you can calculate it yourself.



Second, the composition comparison between synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles:

Glazed tiles belong to traditional Chinese building materials. It is made by burning clay at high temperature. Its surface is coated with bright glazed layers of various colors. Clay tile materials have a common problem, that is, easy to break, easy to crack, consume land resources, can not be recycled and reused, and become building waste after many years. The weight of glazed tiles is relatively high, and it will be higher after absorbing water, which will increase the bearing pressure of the beam.


Synthetic resin tiles are made of advanced three-layer co-extrusion technology, with high weather resistance, strong skeleton, and high wear-resistant layer of ASA resin. This ASA resin has the characteristics of ultra-high weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation, color stability, rich color, ten-year color fastness, and obvious gloss. Resin tiles are dense and light, non-absorbent, and do not increase the load of the beam.


Compare the performance of synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles: Glazed tiles mainly rely on the glazed layer to waterproof and anti-seepage. When the glazed layer falls off or cracks, it will seep out, making it a big problem to repair. Because glazed tiles are small pieces spliced together, if one piece cracks, the whole piece needs to be lifted up for maintenance, which is a headache. In addition, glazed tiles are stuck together. They are easily washed off by rainwater over the years. There are often reports of glazed tiles falling off and injuring people and vehicles.

Synthetic resin tiles are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and renewable. Expansion and contraction will not cause any cracks in the tiles.


Compare the service life of synthetic resin tiles and glass tiles: Glazed tiles are prone to cracking (i.e. surface glazed layer cracking) after 4-5 years of use, resulting in leakage. If there is no cracking problem, it can be used for about 20 years. Synthetic resin tiles can last up to 30 years in natural environment. In factories with heavy acid and alkali or areas with more acid rain, the service life is correspondingly reduced. The key is that it is easy to repair and maintain during use.


The appearance of synthetic resin tiles is the pattern of ancient glazed tiles, inheriting the characteristics of glazed tiles with rich colors and beautiful shapes. However, this material is completely different from glazed tiles. Resin tiles are polymeric materials, which far exceed glazed tiles in function and make up for the defects of glazed tiles such as easy breakage, fracture and falling off. They have the same appearance characteristics and different functions.


Above is the comparison between synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles, hoping to provide you with reference and help in choosing roof tiles. If you need other tile materials, such as color steel tiles, glass fiber tiles, etc., you are welcome to continue to pay attention to us, we will provide you later, you can also consult at any time.