What types and specifications are there for composite resin tiles?

A product can be widely promoted if it has certain feasibility! This is now proven by the emergence of resin tiles. Resin tiles completely broke the traditional domination of tiles and quickly became one of the favorite materials of many home decoration. Now we can see many beautiful colored roofs, which are actually formed by resin tile roofs. However, there are also many people who do not understand that synthetic resin tiles have more than one category and specification. In fact, synthetic resin tiles also include several products and several specifications. Let’s get to know them together today.



Types of Synthetic Resin Tiles include: European Roman Tile, Daylight Glazed Tile 1050, Large Round Wave Tile, Small Green Tile, Antique ASA Integral Tile, etc.

The specifications of synthetic resin tiles are: 880mm, 1050mm, 1040mm, 920mm, 840mm, 1080mm, etc. The first wave of two synthetic resin tiles needs to be connected together. Therefore, the effective width of 880mm synthetic resin tile is 800mm after splicing, and the effective width of 1050mm synthetic resin tile is 960mm after splicing.



The thickness of synthetic resin tiles is 2.0mm-3.5mm, and the thickness can be customized according to the customer’s use.


We will provide the best product solutions according to the customer’s needs, so that customers can be worry-free! Therefore, when buying synthetic resin tiles, you must find a professional synthetic resin tile manufacturer!