What to do if the colored steel tile roof rusts?

Due to the material of color steel tile itself containing a large amount of iron, chemical reactions will occur when used in an environment of acid, alkali or organic solvents, producing iron oxide, i.e. rust. If rust is not maintained from the beginning, the roof of color steel tile will soon rust severely, and then holes will leak. The general treatment method for color steel tile roof rust is to brush a layer of water-based rust-proof and anti-rust paint at the rust place, which can effectively manage and improve the construction technology efficiency of enterprises and reduce the consumption of company human and material resources. However, at the same time, due to the material of color steel tile is iron, the adhesion with paint is not very good, after the scouring of rainwater and the decomposition of acid-base oxidation, it will not take long for the roof of color steel tile to cause rust again. In the process of use, development needs to be maintained through repeated maintenance, and in the long run, the maintenance cost is relatively large. If the rust of color steel tile roof is not serious, it is suggested to deal with the rust part of the roof as soon as possible, which can not only timely maintain the color steel tile roof, but also prolong the service life of the color steel tile roof. If it is not updated and repaired in time, corrosion will become more and more serious, eventually leading to the leakage of the top plate, and the repair cost will be huge, it is better to replace it directly. If most of the color steel tile roof has rust spots and is more serious, it is suggested to replace the tile directly. Generally speaking, friends who have used color steel tile will not choose to replace it, most of them will choose tiles with better anti-corrosive performance, such as PVC anti-corrosive tile or synthetic resin tile, which has outstanding anti-corrosive performance, smooth surface, dense, non-absorbent, waterproof and moisture-proof, and never rusts, and is better than color steel tile in terms of heat insulation and sound insulation. After replacement, we can clearly feel the contrast between these two tiles and color steel tile.