What material is the resin tile made of?

In recent years, the coverage rate of synthetic resin tiles in rural areas is very high, with excellent moisture-proof properties and extremely high cost performance, making synthetic resin tiles become the “good product” in the hearts of customers. So what material is the resin tile made of? The key raw material of synthetic resin tile is simply synthetic resin, a kind of man-made polymer material, which is a viscous liquid or can be softened by heating, and usually has a melting or softening temperature range, and can be plastically deformed and flowed under external force.



The key application of synthetic resin is the production and manufacture of plastics. In order to facilitate production and processing, modifiers are often added, and sometimes they are immediately used for production and processing and molding, so they are synonymous with plastics. Synthetic resin is the basic raw material for producing and manufacturing artificial fibers, building coatings, adhesives, insulation materials, etc. Synthetic resins are of various types, divided into carbon chain, hetero-chain and non-carbon chain synthetic resins according to carbon chain structure; divided into addition polymerization type and condensation reaction type according to generation reflection characteristics.



In specific applications, it is often divided into thermoplastic plastics and somersetting resins according to its thermal behavior. The raw materials for producing and manufacturing synthetic resins come from a variety of sources. Initially, medium-temperature coal tar products and calcium carbide were the main products, and now petroleum products are the main products, such as butane, PE, benzene, indoor formaldehyde and solution. The production and manufacture of synthetic resins are carried out by self-aggregation, flotation aggregation, solution polymerization, solution polymerization, melting aggregation and interface condensation. Because of its excellent extensibility, it is used as roofing material, which quickly highlights the irreplaceable advantages of synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles have a wide range of color selection, softness, convenient engineering construction, and friendly prices, and have gained customers’ trust with high cost performance. Beijing Fifth Building Facade Information Network High-tech Co., Ltd. has been focusing on roof system software for many years, professionally operating various roof raw materials, providing professional system software plans for various roofs, providing special decorative building materials for high-end villa roofs, and providing new or renovation engineering construction services for various roofs. Since its establishment, the company has established a complete roof system software guarantee system, including engineering design scheme, safety technical disclosure, commodity installation to after-sales maintenance services, which can provide you with warm one-stop service.