What is the waterproofing principle of synthetic resin tiles?

Synthetic resin tile belongs to green and environmental-friendly roofing building materials, and is a hot-selling product in the building materials market. Many customers have reflected that they have used many roof tiles before, which are prone to aging, breaking and leaking. Since they changed to synthetic resin tile, these problems have never occurred again, and the waterproof effect is particularly good! What is the waterproof principle of synthetic resin tile? The surface of synthetic resin tile is made of ASA material, and Xingfa synthetic resin tile uses imported ultra-high weather-resistant ASA resin. The resin tile product is dense, non-absorbent, and has no problem of micro-porous leakage. The area of a single piece of resin tile is large, so the roof joints are less, so the waterproof performance of resin tile is higher than that of traditional tiles. Synthetic resin tile has excellent weather resistance. Xingfa synthetic resin tile can maintain the stability of product color even if it is exposed to ultraviolet and hot harsh conditions for a long time. In addition, the resin tile itself has the “lotus leaf effect”, and the rainwater will be washed clean like new on rainy days.