What is the reason for the natural cracking of resin tiles after one year of installation?

Customer question: Does the resin tile naturally crack after one year?



Manufacturer’s answer: Tiles that crack within one year are not resin tiles at all. The formula of such resin tile manufacturers cannot be worse (the proportion of regenerative materials in the skeleton layer is greater than that of new materials).

In the mode of flat-to-slope engineering promotion, most of the new rural areas are undergoing rectification. Resin tiles, as the representative of new roofs, have been widely used in roof engineering. So I’ll tell you why the resin tiles on the flat slope naturally crack after one year?



1. In order to maximize profits, the project engineer only needs to play some tricks in the procurement of engineering materials, which requires resin tile manufacturers to have low prices and quality assurance. As a synthetic resin tile manufacturer, its profit point has been reduced. Only the quality of resin tile production changes, can it touch everyone’s interests, and then let the people bear the pot? (This is the butterfly effect, but everyone wants to make money, no one wants to lose.)

So, why do resin tiles naturally crack after one year?



2. If the interests of resin tile manufacturers are affected, the ultimate result is to cut corners and change the proportion of raw material formulas, so that the profit point of manufacturers can be increased.

3. Not just from flat to slope! In the entire resin tile industry, buyers always want to get cheap and good quality resin tiles, which is not proportional. To talk about price, you can’t talk about quality, to talk about quality, you can’t talk about price. No one is a fool, and good quality resin tiles can be sold to you at a low price.

4. When buyers purchase cheap resin tiles, it is not impossible that the installation of the master is not strict, the screws are too tight, and the main ridge tiles are torn.