What is the raw material of resin tile

In recent years, synthetic resin tiles have been widely used, not only because of their excellent waterproof performance, but also because of their high cost performance. 



Synthetic resin is an important raw material for synthetic resin tiles, which is a kind of artificial synthetic polymer, viscous liquid, soft solid when heated, and has a softening temperature range when heated, and can show plastic flow state under external force. The production methods of synthetic resin include suspension polymerization, monomer polymerization, solution polymerization, emulsion polymerization, melting polymerization, etc. Due to the toughness of resin tiles, we mostly use them for flat-to-slope roof tiles, and the advantages of synthetic resin tiles soon become apparent. Synthetic resin tiles are rich in color, light in weight, affordable in price, and quick and convenient in construction, which are favored by customers.



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