What is the general lifespan of resin tiles

Synthetic Resin tiles are still relatively common in our lives, whether in factories, antique buildings, warehouses, communities, markets, etc., resin tiles can be seen. Last night, consumers, we will be more concerned about the service life of resin tiles. The service life of this brand of resin tiles is long, so we can save a lot of worry. So how many years is the life of synthetic resin tiles in general? Xingfa Tile Industry will introduce it to you.



1. What is the life expectancy of resin tiles?

1. The lifespan of authentic high-quality resin tiles is 50 years. However, if the local environment is relatively serious in acid and alkali, the service life of the resin tile will be shortened, but the Xingfa resin tile manufacturer can sign a warranty certificate, which can be guaranteed for 30 years. Xingfa resin tile is developed with ASA resin and other materials. ASA resin has corrosion resistance, long weather resistance, and is not easy to fade, so the service life will be longer.



2. Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material and is widely used in factories, residential quarters, shopping malls, and other places. Xingfa resin tile is developed and produced by high weather-resistant ASA material, which not only has good weather resistance, but also has stable physical properties, is not easy to fade, and has the advantages of impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.



The life of the resin tile introduced by the editor of Xingfa resin tile is generally how many years to come here, I hope you can have an understanding of the life of the resin tile.