What are the reasons why antique integrated tiles are widely used in various fields?

In recent years, whether it is ancient architecture, garden architecture, store decoration, private courtyard, etc., imitation ancient integrated tiles are used. The decorative effect is very prominent and has been unanimously praised in all fields. The application scope of imitation ancient integrated tiles is getting wider and wider. What are the reasons for its wide application in various fields?



1. The imitation retro effect is realistic and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false; 

2. Many store decorations have special design requirements. The traditional ancient tiles are heavy, and the texture of imitation ancient integrated tiles is light, which can effectively reduce the bearing capacity of the house, making it a good choice for repairing ancient buildings and store decorations; 



3. No mortar is needed as auxiliary materials, nor is it necessary to lay walls, and a iron frame can be directly installed; 

4. Imitation ancient integrated tiles are light in weight and easy to connect, saving time and effort; 

5.  ASA resin material is more durable and environmentally friendly; 



6. Traditional fired tile materials are prone to color difference and easy to damage. The imitation ancient integrated tiles with ancient colors and flavors are sprayed evenly, with almost no color difference, and are firm and durable. Imitation ancient tiles are made of advanced technology, with large area and beautiful patterns with Chinese flavor. They are lighter than traditional fired products, belong to green and environmental protection products, and are a new generation of waterproof building decoration materials with beautiful appearance, practicality and durability.