What are the precautions when installing and laying synthetic resin tiles

When installing synthetic resin tiles on the roof, if you want to ensure that the entire tile is firmly connected, there are some places that need special attention in the process of laying the roof. What should be paid attention to when installing synthetic resin tiles? Here, the author of Xingfa Resin Tile explains to you:



1. In the process of installing synthetic resin tiles, we need to study according to the local wind direction data and install in reverse. In order to make the tile body more firmly installed on the roof, at least one wave needs to be connected between two tiles, and two waves need to be connected in areas with strong winds; as for the longitudinal connection, it needs to be 20-25 cm, and at least 40 cm in areas with strong winds; at the joint of the tiles, that is, the part where the purlin is directly in contact, self-tapping screws need to be used for analysis and fixation, and 4 sets of screws are recommended per square meter, and 6 sets are required in areas with strong winds.



2. In order to ensure that the waveform of the ridge tile is the same, synthetic resin tiles must be installed symmetrically on the two slopes of the roof at the same time.

3. The fixing pieces of the tiles can be fixed with waterproof pads with screws, and then tightened with a wrench. Waterproof covers should also be covered to prevent the screws from being corroded by moisture and affecting the firmness.



In order to avoid some problems in the use and management of resin tiles, it is necessary to understand the specifications of resin tiles installation and the matters needing attention before safety. Resin tiles have excellent characteristics, and with the installation of work specifications, enterprises can usually install them once and for all.