What are the advantages of using synthetic resin tiles for urban “flat to slope” projects?

In the early years, the rise of “leveling and slope modification” improved the overall appearance of the big cities and effectively improved the living environment of the top-level residents. Therefore, synthetic resin tile is a new type of environmental protection building material advocated and promoted by the state, and is the designated roof tile for leveling and slope modification projects. So, what are the outstanding advantages of using synthetic resin tile in leveling and slope modification projects?



1. The 3.0mm thick synthetic resin tile is only about 6 kilograms per square meter. Compared with traditional roof tiles, synthetic resin tiles are light in weight, and the additional bearing capacity is lower than other tiles. Synthetic resin tiles are light in weight, but have strong bearing capacity, high toughness and are not easy to damage.

2. The use of synthetic resin tiles in leveling and slope modification has outstanding effects such as waterproof, flameproof, heat insulation, etc., which can effectively improve the phenomenon of leakage and cold winter and hot summer in leveling and slope buildings. The top-level residents can clearly feel the benefits of the roof resin tiles, which can fully reflect the use value of the old house.



3. The transportation and installation of synthetic resin tiles are very simple and convenient, with no length limit and whole paving, which saves time and effort. Moreover, the use life is long, and the recycled use can be improved after use, which has a high cost performance. It can be said that it is the most economical way to achieve the economic life cycle with the lowest input.

4. The use of synthetic resin tiles on slopes is not only practical, but also has the function of decorating buildings, just like adding a new hat on the old building, while enhancing the beauty of the city.



It is said that the use of synthetic resin tiles from flat to slope is a low-cost and quick-effect urban beautification project. Therefore, whether it is the urban leveling and slope modification project or the new rural transformation project, synthetic resin tiles are designated to be used, which is beautiful, economical and practical, and is the label of resin tiles.