Unveiling synthetic resin tiles: Are bright colors good or bad?

Synthetic resin tiles are widely used in urban slope beautification projects and garden villas for their bright and vibrant colors and excellent decorative effects. However, some people are concerned that the bright colors of resin tiles may be too dazzling, and worry that the surface of resin tiles may contain harmful additives that could be harmful to health and the environment.

As a professional manufacturer of resin tiles, we can responsibly inform everyone that the bright colors of resin tiles do not indicate toxicity, but rather showcase advanced technology. The vibrant colors of resin tiles do not pose any health risks! Resin tiles are available in various colors such as gray, maroon, brick red, sky blue, gold, and dark green. The materials we use do not contain any toxic substances, and the coloring process involves industrial chemical methods that do not include toxic volatile compounds found in regular paint, making them not only safe but also healthy.

Synthetic resin tiles are refined from ultra-high weather-resistant engineering resin ASA, and possess excellent properties such as weather resistance, durability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, and UV radiation resistance. Additionally, they have good compressive strength, and their colors do not fade due to compression or damage. Studies have shown that synthetic resin tiles can maintain their outdoor color for over 15 years, with a lifespan exceeding 25 years.

After reading the above information, I believe everyone now has a more thorough understanding of the issue regarding the colors of synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles are not only non-toxic, but their colors remain vibrant for a long time, adding a beautiful scenery to the city.

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