The service life of synthetic resin tile

“Customer question: How many years can resin tiles generally be used for? 



XINGFA TILE INDUSTRY: It depends on the quality of the resin tiles. High-quality synthetic resin tiles can generally be used for about 30 years. However, the synthetic resin tiles on the building materials market are mixed, and it is difficult for people who don’t understand to pick out high-quality synthetic resin tiles. Low-quality synthetic resin tiles will automatically fade, crack, etc. after five or six years. I suggest going to a guaranteed resin tile manufacturer like Xingfa Tile Industry to purchase, as the quality is guaranteed. They also provide free samples of resin tiles for customers to compare. 



High-quality resin tiles can be guaranteed for 30 years, such as Xingfa Tile Industry. Xingfa Tile Industry manufacturers can write a 30-year warranty, showing their confidence in the product quality.”