The secret of synthetic resin tile lasting 30 years!

Want a roof that’s built to last? Let us reveal the secret of synthetic resin tiles. Its quality determines its lifespan. The key to the long-term durability of resin tiles lies in whether the manufacturer uses ultra-high weather-resistant engineering resin ASA as the raw material.


So, what is ASA engineering resin?


ASA, or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, is a strong copolymer that is the star material in resin tile manufacturing. It not only has strong weather resistance, anti-aging, and anti-fading capabilities, but also can resist ultraviolet rays and chemical corrosion. It is an indispensable treasure for resin tiles.

Excellent weather resistance


ASA engineering resin gives resin tiles excellent weather resistance, allowing them to easily withstand the sun’s rays, wind and rain, and remain as new as ever despite the changes in cold and heat. It is like putting a layer of strong armor on the roof, resisting various natural attacks and providing long-term protection for your home.


Color never fades


ASA engineering resin is not only strong, it is also a guardian of color. After decades of use of resin tiles, high-quality ASA engineering resin can still maintain its original color and will not fade easily. Your roof is not only durable, but also a gorgeous landscape, highlighting quality life.


When choosing synthetic resin tile, be sure to use formal channels to ensure that the manufacturer is qualified and the ASA engineering resin used is brand new. Only in this way can your home enjoy the highest quality roof protection. Make smart choices and build a strong and beautiful home!

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