The perfect fusion of classical and modern: Ancient resin tiles illuminate the unique charm of modern architecture.

In modern architecture, flat-roofed buildings with reinforced concrete structures have become overly common, and people have grown tired of this style. Instead, many prefer ancient buildings to the extent that they are willing to transform their residences into classical-style, antique buildings. So, how can one achieve the desired effect?

In architectural structures, roof tiles often play a crucial role in determining the characteristics of a building’s style. However, traditional tiles have some maintenance issues, and over time, they may affect the aesthetics and safety of the house. Now, a new type of roofing material has emerged in the market – synthetic antique resin tiles. These tiles exude a classical charm, possess exceptional corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and have been widely used in self-built houses, villas, and flat-to-sloping roof projects, creating a trend that transports people as if they were in ancient streets.

Let’s explore the advantages of synthetic resin tiles together:


Rich and diverse colors: Traditional tiles have relatively limited colors, while synthetic resin tiles come in a variety of colors that are long-lasting. They can resist outdoor UV radiation and maintain color stability in humid, hot, or cold environments. Additionally, synthetic resin tiles are aesthetically pleasing with a retro look, have a three-dimensional feel, and can effectively enhance the appearance of a building.


Outstanding impact resistance: Synthetic resin tiles are made from refined synthetic resin, providing excellent impact resistance. They are not easily broken and can remain intact even when subjected to collisions, whereas traditional tiles often shatter. This is one of the reasons why synthetic resin tiles are gradually replacing traditional tiles.


Excellent thermal insulation performance: Synthetic resin tiles have a low thermal conductivity, offering good thermal insulation effects. They help reduce energy consumption to some extent, providing residents with a comfortable living experience.

Synthetic resin tiles are a new type of antique tile that combines the advantages of traditional tiles with modern advanced scientific production technology. They are highly suitable for meeting the aesthetic and residential needs of modern people regarding building roofs.

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