The difference between synthetic resin tile and iron tile

Compared to iron sheets, synthetic resin tiles made of ASA raw materials have excellent weather resistance, high toughness, high strength, good processing performance and stable color. Xingfa synthetic resin tiles have good shielding performance, and will not appear seepage and cracking when encountering natural phenomena. Synthetic resin tiles have excellent thermal insulation performance. Synthetic resin tiles are insulating products, and will not be damaged when encountering accidental discharge, and will not cause harm to people. Iron tiles are made of iron. 



Although the iron coating has corrosion resistance and protects the material, it cannot prevent rusting. Rain or snow may accelerate the rusting process, shorten the service life of iron tiles, easy to age, and easy to seep when it rains. As is known, iron is not an insulating product. In the case of rain and rain, it will be dangerous to people’s lives when there is an accidental discharge. Xingfa synthetic resin tiles have good sound insulation effect. Experiments have proved that Xingfa synthetic resin tiles have good sound absorption effect under the influence of heavy rain, strong wind and other external noise. People who use tin tiles may encounter noise. When hail or rain increases, the bearing capacity of its roof will decrease. In order to ensure a good roof, it is recommended to use Xingfa synthetic resin tiles to eliminate this inconvenience.