The difference between daylighting tiles and transparent tiles

In 2021, daylighting tiles will become more and more popular in the domestic building materials market, so many people will ask what is the difference between daylighting tiles and transparent tiles. Next, the manufacturer of Xingfa daylighting tiles will explain to you.

1、 Daylighting tiles and transparent tiles are actually named from the two aspects of use and appearance. Transparent tiles are mostly installed on the side wall or on the roof of light steel structure. The installed area accounts for about 10% of the house area, and the materials include (pc) (frp), etc. Many people have a misconception about the lighting tile. They think that the higher the transparency of the lighting tile is, the better it is. In fact, this is not the case because of the addition of the dispersant, that is, the lighting tile can get the lighting in a larger area under the same area; However, too much dispersant will make the effect of light dispersion poor, and the light is dazzling and not soft.

Some manufacturers also use old and low-cost equipment. If the temperature control is not good, it is difficult to produce high-quality lighting tiles. Some manufacturers abandon their curing degree and then make fully transparent lighting tiles. The lighting tiles produced by this way are poor in strength, quality is not guaranteed, and are easily damaged. It is recommended that Xingfa resin tile manufacturers have advanced equipment and systems, strictly control the temperature of the products, and ensure the daylighting of the products, as well as the strength of the products. Xingfa daylighting tile is a good choice.

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