Six Tips! Teach You How to Distinguish the Quality of Resin Tiles

Resin tiles have been promoted and applied as a new environmentally friendly roofing material in China for over a decade. Resin tiles are not only widely loved and widely used by the public, but they have also become a product with good prospects in the building materials market. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 700 small and large enterprises nationwide that produce and sell resin tiles. Because of this, many unscrupulous merchants have started to pass off inferior products, using recycled and crushed materials as raw materials, as well as using surface layers made of high weather-resistant ASA, medium weather-resistant ASA, and general weather-resistant ASA. Some even use ordinary ABS resin and PVC for production! It is because of these low-quality resin tiles flooding the market that more and more customers are unable to distinguish between good and bad quality resin tiles, resulting in them purchasing inferior products. Below, I will share six methods to help you distinguish high-quality resin tiles.



1. The appearance of resin tiles

High-quality synthetic resin tiles have clear outlines and smooth, glossy surfaces. On the other hand, low-priced and inferior synthetic resin tiles lack these characteristics.


2. Weight of Resin Tiles

The main raw material for high-quality synthetic resin tiles is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with a specific gravity of approximately 1.8. The weighing method is as follows: weigh one square meter of synthetic resin tiles, and if the weight divided by the area is approximately 1.8, it can prove that the main raw material of the synthetic resin tiles is PVC, ensuring the lifespan and quality of the tiles. Conversely, if the specific gravity does not reach 1.8, it is likely that there is an excessive amount of filler.


3. Use your hand to feel and tap the resin tiles. 

High-quality synthetic resin tiles are lightweight, and tapping them will give a dull feeling. On the other hand, low-quality synthetic resin tiles will feel heavy when held in hand, and the sound produced when tapping them will be crisp.


4. review the product quality report of resin tiles. Reputable and professional manufacturers typically have comprehensive and regularly updated product quality inspection reports. These reports cover all aspects of synthetic resin tiles, including various indicators and performance tests. Only such manufacturers can ensure the quality of their products, which is more reliable for customers.



5. conduct fire tests on synthetic resin tiles.

If high-quality synthetic resin tiles with four layers of material are used, when ignited, the synthetic resin tiles will immediately extinguish once the fire source is removed, and there will be no odor. On the other hand, when inferior synthetic resin tiles encounter a fire source, the flames will spread and emit a pungent odor.


6. choose a reputable and established brand of resin tiles, and visit the manufacturer

Generally speaking, selecting a well-established and professional brand of synthetic resin tiles from a large manufacturer ensures not only high-quality products but also reliable after-sales service, as well as international quality standard certification. Comprehensive services will leave you with no worries.



Speaking of this, I believe everyone has a clear understanding! So, as consumers, how should we distinguish? In fact, it’s just like buying things – cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good quality. Maybe at the moment of payment, we feel the happiest, but in reality, we end up paying a lot in terms of quality issues. It’s not worth it.