What are the types of PVC anti-corrosion tiles

PVC anticorrosive tiles can be seen everywhere in our lives. They can be seen on the roofs of warehouses, car sheds, factories and other buildings. In fact, PVC anticorrosive tiles also have different shapes. So, what are the types of PVC anticorrosive tiles? What is the difference in usage between them?

There are three types of PVC anticorrosive tiles: wavelet, large wave and trapezoidal tiles

The tile type of small round corrugated tile is more traditional. We can flexibly adjust the overlapping width according to the overall situation of the roof. Xingfa resin tile is made with scientific formula and advanced technology. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, weather resistance, rich and bright colors, etc.

Large round corrugated tile, increase the wave height to 36mm, so that the waterproof effect will be better. The design adopts the shape of glazed tile, with beautiful and generous appearance.

The trapezoidal wave is similar to the color steel tile, but the wave height is increased, which is the same as the width of the color steel tile. It is an upgrade of the color steel tile.

PVC anticorrosive tile uses PVC as the main raw material. After scientific formulation, advanced technology is adopted to improve the strength and hardness of PVC anticorrosive tile, which solves the problem of rust prevention and waterproof, and can replace color steel tile.

The PVC semi-transparent tile is the daylighting tile we often say. It is paved on the roof of the plant to make the indoor light bright and soft and avoid direct light. The Xingfa PVC semi-transparent tile can resist ultraviolet rays, acid, alkali and other corrosion, with a light transmittance of up to 70%, and can be matched with the PVC anti-corrosion tile.

U-shaped PVC anti-corrosion water tank can be used not only for roof drainage, but also for water pressure test and vegetable planting on the production line. It has high stability, good strength and simple installation.

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