Key Points for Identifying Subpar Resin Tiles at a Glance

Identifying low-quality resin tiles is crucial for building construction. Here are some tips to quickly spot inferior resin tiles with the naked eye:

 Color Uniformity

– **Uneven Color**: Low-quality resin tiles often exhibit noticeable color inconsistencies, appearing blotchy or murky.

Surface Texture

– **Poor Surface Quality**: High-quality resin tiles have a smooth, even surface. In contrast, subpar tiles may have rough, uneven, or bumpy textures.


Edge Precision

– **Irregular Edges**: Check the edges of the tiles. High-quality tiles have smooth, uniform edges, while inferior ones may have chipped, cracked, or irregular edges.


Light Transmittance

– **Poor Light Transmittance**: Hold the tile up to a light source. Quality tiles will transmit light relatively well, whereas inferior tiles may lack sufficient light transmittance.


Surface Imperfections

– **Bubbles and Cracks**: Carefully inspect the tile surface for bubbles or cracks. These imperfections, often due to manufacturing flaws, can compromise the tile’s stability.

When purchasing resin tiles, pay close attention to these details to avoid selecting inferior products and to ensure construction quality and long-term stability.

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