How to improve the toughness of resin tile

Customer Question: How to improve the toughness of resin tile?



Industry Answer: The quality and toughness of resin tile from each manufacturer are certainly different. Poor tiles have poor toughness and are prone to cracking. Low-priced resin tiles have problems, and if exposed to the sun, cracking will occur.



To improve the toughness of resin tile, we can start from the installation of resin tile. Good synthetic resin tiles may also have cracking. This cracking phenomenon is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the resin tile itself. When the temperature is high, the resin tile is thermally expanded. If the screws are tightened too tightly, the internal stress is too high, which can easily lead to cracking of the tile. Therefore, we must pay attention when installing, and first expand the holes on the synthetic resin tile, then install the nails, leaving space for thermal expansion and contraction of the tile, and the diameter of the hole should be two to three millimeters larger than the diameter of the self-tapping screw. For more specifications and standards for installing resin tiles, please refer to the Construction and Installation and Quality Acceptance Specifications for Synthetic Resin Decorative Tiles.



Many users report that although they bought high-quality synthetic resin tiles, the tiles cracked shortly after installation. Why did the synthetic resin tiles crack? It is because of the improper installation that leads to the cracking of the synthetic resin tiles!