How to identify the quality of synthetic resin tiles?

1. Look at the appearance. The shape and outline of high-quality resin tiles are clearer and the material itself has luster; on the contrary, it is a fake and inferior resin tile. 2. Feel and tap. The resin tile is light in texture, and there is a dull feeling when tapping between boards; the fake and inferior resin tile feels heavy when touched by hand. The sound of tapping between boards is crisp. 3. Burn with fire. High-quality resin tiles ignite a corner of the resin tile with fire, and the fire source is immediately extinguished after leaving. The flame of inferior resin tiles spreads and has a strong smell. 4. Weigh the weight. The main raw material of resin tile is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has a specific gravity of about 1.4. It can effectively guarantee the service life of the product to prove that the main material of resin tile is PVC.